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World Trade Week NYC 2015

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World Trade Week NYC 2015 International Trade Awards Breakfast
May 11, 2015, 8:30 – 11:00 am
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Keynote Speaker: Fred Dixon, President and CEO, NYC & Company

A dynamic network of more than 40 organizations in the New York metro region focusing on international trade and logistics.

Every year, the President of the United States declares the third full week of May as World Trade Week. Trade organizations, businesses and other stakeholders come together both nationally and locally to promote and facilitate international trade in the U.S. economy. The New York tri-state region’s trade and transportation community celebrates World Trade Week Week throughout the month of May, offering a full agenda of educational seminars, global business networking events and the International Trade Awards Breakfast that recognizes the exemplary achievements by practitioners in the field.

We work together to:

  • Recognize the contribution of international trade to economic growth and job creation in the New York metropolitan region
  • Highlight the link between international trade and transportation and the region’s economic well‐being
  • Celebrate companies and organizations succeeding in the global marketplace and highlight their contribution to the region’s economy
  • Share knowledge, resources and ideas to facilitate small business success internationally
  • Provide scholarships to undergraduate students of international business

Who are our partners?

World Trade Week NYC, through sponsorships, partnerships and referrals, puts businesses and organizations in touch with invaluable opportunities and resources.  We invite you to join us!

NYC deemed world’s most competitive city
New York is the leading city in the world for global competitiveness, edging out London and Singapore, according to a 2012 report by the Economist Intelligence Unit.

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