The information provided seeks to build public awareness about the importance of international trade in goods and services to the New York metropolitan region, to educate the community about the direct and indirect benefits of trade to our economy and to provide information to the community about how to explore and engage in international trade.

One reason New York is the right place to do international business is that the city offers access to a wealth of resources not found anywhere else. World-class public libraries offer training for beginners in the area of import/export, where sophisticated databases for market research as well as access to exciting information that can help you understand countries, cultures and overseas business practices. Local universities, among the most internationally diverse in the United States, provide research and education about international markets and business strategies and operations.

New York is also home to one of the largest foreign consular communities in the world as well as bi-national chambers that build bridges between the business communities in the U.S. and abroad. Local chambers of commerce, international industry and business organizations and non-profits provide important international perspectives and links to overseas businesses both large and small. And local, state and federal agencies work to promote New York businesses around the world.

Together these resources provide information, training, tools and networks to help New York businesses succeed.


Export Resources from the New York District Export Council
NYDEC Export Resources

New York Public Library International Trade Resources Page
NYPL International Trade Resources

The New York Region’s Global Linkages:
Baruch College: NYCdata
Baruch College: Weissman Center for International Business – Occasional Papers

Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises: Overview of Participation in U.S. Exports
United States International Trade Commission (USITC): Research & Analysis-Small/Med Enterprises

The Role of States in Trade and Global Competitiveness
Council on Foreign Relations: State and Local Officials Conference Call- U.S. Trade Policy and the Value of the Dollar
Office of U.S. Trade Representative: Intergovernmental Policy Advisory Committee (IGPAC)

The Global Framework for International Trade
World Trade Organization
United States Trade Representative

US Department of Commerce: A Basic Guide to Exporting
US Department of Commerce:

US Customs and Border Protection: Importing Into the United States

Importing and Exporting
US Customs and Border Protection: Basic Importing and Exporting

International Trade Finance Finance

Transportation and Logistics International Logistics

Made in America Again, Why Manufacturing Will Return to the US
Boston Consulting Group

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